Horror Movies

                     If someone were to ask me my top five favorite movies, not one of them would be under the horror genre. For the most part, scary movies don’t have a great story line, just blood and guts and stomach churning images that leave me wanting to watch a kids cartoon to get the disgusting pictures out of my head. I wouldn’t say that I’m too scared to watch them, I just prefer to laugh at a good comedy or swoon over a sweet romance. One horror movie series I’ve always enjoyed, however, is Scream. Usually a movie doesn’t make it past a sequel because it does so terrible in the box office, but this one somehow has managed to keep going, with a fourth one that was just put out earlier this month.

On Friday, my best friends (Allie, Jennifer, Jamie and Rachel – you’ll probably hear a lot more of them in later posts) and I had a girls night and saw this together. It was such a good movie, but left us all on edge. Once we left the theater and were getting ready to head to the car, my phone rang and it was from a blocked number. For anyone who knows the Scream movies, this is how it always starts out – a girl getting a phone call and a creepy voice asking her questions about scary movies. My phone call wasn’t quite like this, just a ring, I’d answer, and they’d hang up. One after another, I kept getting these strange calls, no one speaking on the other end. We were all a little freaked out because of the movie, the fact that it was dark out, and we were heading out to the car in an empty parking lot. As we sat in the car, taking pictures, a couple of the girls smoking cigarettes, and writing on the windows, the calls continued. It was starting to get a little irritating because the person on the other end would not say anything! A couple times I would hear a little talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Finally, after twenty minutes (or at least it seemed that long), the calls stopped, and I pointed it out. But to my embarrassment, that moment, Jennifer yelled out that it was her the entire time and Rachel and Allie were in on it!! They got me pretty good. I even asked if it was one of them, even holding Jamie’s phone until I got another call. I guess they’re just good at acting…or I’m just that gullible. Oh well, it was all in good fun. ❤


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