Easter Candy

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a type of candy that I don’t like. Since Easter was this past Sunday, I am overloaded with numerous different kinds – from fruity to chocolatey to salty. I usually stick to the chocolate kinds of candy (peanut butter eggs are my favorite!), I found that this year I could not stop eating JELLY BEANS! I just finished my little box of them as I typed this, actually. There’s something about the different flavors and being able to just grab a handful and go that makes them so addictive. Although, now my stomach is starting to feel a little uneasy because I inhaled them so quickly. I knew there had to be a bad side to eating all of those. Totally worth it though. ❤


3 thoughts on “Easter Candy

  1. lucky you!! i miss getting easter candy…now i just get what is left over from Summer’s basket or ask her if i can have some of the candy the easter bunny brought her lol

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