More Ohio Weather

I know it’s not the most interesting thing to read (or write) about, but Ohio has been having some more crazy weather this week. Right now I am sitting in the living room of my parents house watching the weather channel, listening to the wind, thunder, and rain, hoping it stays just that. I’m a pretty big fan of thunderstorms, but when they get serious like this it kind of freaks me out. I’ve always said I want to move somewhere else (read: warm), but I think I really have to sit back and look at how good we have it here in Ohio. Okay, so we have terrible winters, super hot summers, and pretty much no Spring or Fall, but compared to the weather other parts of the nation have to deal with, this is nothing. If not for my safety, I’m glad I don’t have to hurry and grab my belongings to run to the basement because of bad weather because it takes me twenty minutes just to get my Guinea Pigs out of their cage! That’s the bad thing about having a large cage for them. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my piggies before, but their cage isn’t a store bought cage – it’s about 5 ft. x 2 ft. I tried twice to get them out to bring them downstairs, just in case anything more happens, but they weren’t having it. I’m so afraid of hurting them when I yank them out so I’d rather just let them be.

It looks and sounds like this storm is winding down already. Although, every time I think or say that, there is a big flash of lighting or a clap of thunder that makes me change my mind. We did have a little bit of hail, but it didn’t last long. Matt called to tell me he was on his way home from work and it was really dark where he was at. The wind has definitely slowed down though, a few minutes ago I thought our flag pole was going to be ripped from the ground and thrown into the neighbors yard.

I guess I got a little nervous over nothing. That’s what happens when the weather stations actually mention the Garrettsville, Hiram, and Mantua areas (that never happens!). And thank goodness the power didn’t go out or else I wouldn’t have been able to spend my time writing this nonsense for y’all 🙂

EDIT: A picture of the lightning from yesterdays storm. This was taken by my friend Mike (@yyouyouu) from his front porch, which he lives a street over from me.


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