Work in Progress

I currently have eight tattoos, and plan on getting a lot more. I guess you could say nine, but one is being added on to. I keep doing little bits at a time for money reasons, but I really can’t wait for it to be finished. I’ll probably post the others eventually but this one is my main focus for right now.My favorite!:

It started out as just the water, anchor, and roses, and I’ve always talked about wanted some sea critters, but never could figure out where to put them. Luckily I have great friends (who are also my artists) who have the best ideas. I still need color for the seahorse and jellyfish, and there is supposed to be a background too, I don’t really remember what that is right now though ha! Hopefully soon I can get this beauty finished up (maybe before 4th of July?) and show it off finally!


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