A-line Bob

I got my haircut a few months ago, and it’s the shortest I’ve had it since I was probably in middle school. I loved having long hair, but I guess I just got sick of it. So, I cut it to about my chin in an inverted bob style. I was a little shocked at first, but grew to like it. It’s much easier to take care of and I don’t worry much about split ends. However, some days I really do  miss having long hair, especially since all of my friends have long hair and always have it style really nice. There is not a lot that can be done to style a short bob so I usually just wear it straight. This weekend, though, I want to try to do something, anything, with it, besides wear it straight. So I looked on YouTube and found a short tutorial on how to curl hair this short and make it look nice. So I attempted it Friday and…fell IN LOVE with the style and continued to wear it this way the whole long weekend. It’s so simple to do! It only takes me about 15 minutes and I’m ready to go. Ready to see it?


Okay, so – all you have to do is pin up one side – I pin almost all the way over to the other side of my head, blending it all in so you can’t really tell where it’s pinned. I usually put a flower clip over where the bobby pins are. Then curl the side that you left down and comb out with your fingers so the curls are loose and flowy so it’s more casual looking. That’s it! So easy. I love it and this will definitely be my go to style for going out or if I’m bored with straight hair – which I usually am all the time now. I hope this is easy to understand and it works out for you if you try it!


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