A couple posts back I said I was starting the Body by Glamour workout plan. Well, I lied. I decided not to use that plan because I found one I like better on Daily Burn. It’s just a cardio plan, 4 days a week. You pick what days work for you and it tells you what to do each day. But – I haven’t started that either. Actually, I did one day of it, but I started it on a Thursday so it’s a little backwards. Workouts I should be doing on Monday it tells me to do on Thursday. I just have to switch it around. Again, the motivation thing is getting the best of me. It’s been hot and sticky – which I’m definitely not complaining about, it’s what I’ve been waiting for – and that makes me want to not move an inch. I’ve been focusing on not overeating now since I haven’t been working out.

Saturday all us girls are planning on going to the beach and then Shana and I are going to the winery in Nelson! I can’t wait. I’ve been on this wine kick lately, which I never really liked it before. I got some blackberry Merlot at our engagement party and just opened it yesterday. I love it! I put some fresh strawberries in it and it makes it even better. It’s so refreshing to have a glass of wine after work.

Tonight Mom and I are going to check out a wedding venue! It’s called Happy Days Lodge in Peninsula. It’s in Cuyahoga Valley National Park; I’m pretty sure I ran there for cross country once. It’s a really nice place from what I remember and what I’ve seen online. I’m really hoping it works out for us! Matt won’t be able to make it since he’ll be working late tonight, but I told him I’d take pictures. Right now we’re aiming for September 2012, but we’re flexible.


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