Quick Update

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I decided what better time than now? I’ve got to stay motivated with working out, and if I post what I do each day I can’t get lazy…I mean, I don’t want to disappoint the 3 of you that read this!

So on that note, I’m doing the 30 Day Shred again, keeping track with Stef in Australia, because she’s always really good at keeping me motivated. I really want to stick with this because it gives me awesome confidence when I start seeing a change in strength and muscle tone. Also, I haven’t decided if I want to wait until after the 30 days is up or switch on and off between the shred and Phase 2 of LiveFit (which is the one I was working on before, Phase 1, but fell out of routine). I’ll see how things go after today’s workout and then I’ll decide.

I already made the mistake of not eating breakfast, but I’m going to make it up at lunch with a big salad with red kidney beans (lots of protein!) among other healthy ingredients.

Okay that was my quick update, got to get back to work. I might give an update later to let you know how my workout was and what I eat for dinner. If not, watch for a post tomorrow! ❤


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