30 Day Shred

Well, I got through the first day back to working out last night. Let me just say, it KICKED MY ASS! You’re probably thinking I’m pathetic, and you might be right, but, I could give you an excuse right here, or I can just say, it’ll get easier the more I do it. Then, if it gets too easy, that’s when I move on to the next level. Makes sense right??

I needed a little motivation today, so I looked through a friends Body Space account. She has her progress pictures ranging from five months after she had her daughter to when she was in her best shape and then starting again now after a break from the gym. Very motivating pictures, showing that it really doesn’t take long to get in great shape. I hope I can stay motivated enough to at least get a little workout in each day.

On a different note, I tried on more wedding dresses today. Jamie, my mom, and I went to David’s Bridal in Niles and I think I tried on probably 10+ dresses. Still haven’t found “The One,” but I’m getting closer. I found a style I really like, there just was something off about it that I couldn’t pinpoint. I just really want to look HOT at my wedding. And I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this yet, but the official date is October 27, 2012. I have a lot of planning to do yet, but it’s all coming along.

Now it’s time for me to light a pumpkin spice candle, turn down the lights, read a magazine, and watch Tosh.0. I stumbled upon this setting last night and it made me the most relaxed I’ve been in months. You should try it! 🙂


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