Snow :(

Snow came early this year. We woke up to about an inch of snow, cars covered. I personally am not a fan of snow. The past two years it held off until Black Friday!! So depressing. It’s early yet, but this weather puts me in the mood to do Christmas related things, like decorate my room (and Matt’s if he’ll let me), bake cookies, and shop for gifts! I’m anticipating the release of Black Friday ads so Matt and I can find what good deals we want to take advantage of.

Oh! I wanted to post a couple pictures that Allie and Jenn found…


These are by an artist named Audrey Kawasaki. I’m not sure how the girls came across them, but there’s one for each of us. The first is Jenn, second is Jamie, third is Allie, and the last one is myself. It’s fun to find pictures or characters from movies or T.V. shows that have the characteristics of you and your friends. I think everyone does it. Or maybe we’re just weird, I don’t know.

Speaking of Allie, her and I will be scheduling appointments for tattoos tonight. We’re going to Zebra’s after she gets off work so she can talk to them about getting a pretty tiger on her leg and I’ll be scheduling for the last bit of my sea critters 🙂 We won’t be getting them until January though because we want to get them for our birthdays, hers being the 23rd and mine the 13th. Also, I need to start looking up ideas for the half sleeve I want to get. Besides it being sky themed, I have NO ideas. That’s the hardest part, the idea. How do people with smart brains come up with ideas?


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