Go Workout!

Such a simple picture, but it can motivate even the laziest of people. I found this gem while browsing on Pinterest a while back, and have seen it every time I’ve been on there. It seriously should be that easy when it comes to making that ‘should I?’ decision.

Sure, it’s that easy, but that doesn’t mean I’ve convinced my brain and body that it’s that easy yet. I can give excuse after excuse, but that doesn’t get me anywhere. I keep telling myself that it’ll be easier to get motivated once Matt and I have a house together. I won’t have to worry about him calling while I’m in the middle of a workout, asking if I want to come over, and me worrying about how fast I can get freshened up and out the door. Because, let’s face it – I might want to be slim and toned and looking my best, but when it comes down to choosing between working out and seeing Matt, I’m going to choose Matt.

Here I am again, planning my workout for the evening, while sitting at work – all of the motivation in the world! Usually by the end of my work day, all motivation is gone, all I want to do is lay in bed and mindlessly scroll through Facebook. NOT TODAY! I can’t say I won’t have the occasional lazy day, but here I am again, telling you my plans, hoping to follow through. So, on that note, this evening it’s just me and Jillian Michaels. Wish me luck!


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