New York City

 I’ve never been to NYC before, but I hope to visit there in the very near future. I can’t tell you where this picture was taken, but I would LOVE to stay in a hotel or at least go to a restaurant with this location. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Matt and I have been talking about taking a short trip somewhere before our honeymoon so he can get a feel for flying before we take the long flight to Jamaica. I’ve flown a couple times already, and have no nerves when it comes to flying. I absolutely love it!

What I’d really love is for Matt and I to start a tradition; every year instead of buying each other Christmas presents, although always wonderful, I’d rather take a trip to a new place. Like this year, instead of buying each other gifts, go to NYC! Sounds awesome, right? I mean, we could still get each other small gifts if we wanted to, but ultimately save our money for a trip. There are so many awesome places we could visit. I know Matt hasn’t done much traveling in his life, so I don’t think he’d be opposed to this idea. The hardest part about it all is trying to pull him away from work…he LOVES working. I’ve never seen a more motivated 24 year old. I’m not saying we have to go for full week trips, a long weekend would even suffice. I’m not sure we’ll have the money for it this Christmas, but it’s definitely something to think about. ❤




One thought on “NYC

  1. I’ve never been to NYC, either! It’s definitely on top of my list of places to visit. I think that sharing experiences instead of buying presents is such a great idea.

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