Red Fitness XL

A couple weeks ago, Matt came home with this weird chair thing, I’m not even sure what the actual name of it is, but it says on the seat Red Fitness XL. After looking online for info, I came across a list of exercises you can do with it, all targeting the abs.

I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, and at first thought it was just a hoax, one of those things the infomercials make you believe is an awesome product, but really is a piece of crap, but so far I haven’t been disappointed with it. I’ve only tried one of the excerises you can do with it and definitely feel soreness later in the day. Maybe it’s because I’m just that out of shape though, ha.

It’s nice to be able to pull this out in the morning and do a quick workout before getting ready for work. Hopefully I can start seeing results soon and let you guys know if it’s worth the buy! (which, Matt didn’t spend money on it, I’m pretty sure it was in someones trash so no money will be wasted.)

I’ve been in a good mood today, by the way. Even better now that I’ve gotten the okay to take the day off tomorrow! I hope to get my Christmas shopping finished since tomorrow is also payday! 🙂

EDIT: I started taking Biotin because I’m trying to grow my hair out, so I’ll also let you guys know how that goes too!


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