No Garbage!

I’d first like to mention that I’m pretty damn proud of myself right now. Most Fridays, my co-workers and I order take-out from surrounding restaurants and fast food places, usually the most unhealthy, delicious food we can find. Today is no different, I was showed the menu to a local chicken joint that I’ve never eaten at before. Oh man, it all sounded so wonderful – but what was different about today? I said NO! I’ve never turned down ordering take-out, but I told them I’m sticking to my peanut butter and banana sandwhich and salad for lunch today! (I know, it’s a weird combo, but it’s healthy, that’s all that matters.)

On that note, I came across a picture on Pinterest today that I’d like to share. I love when I find things that make me say, “duh!” but I’ve never really thought about before.

It’s so true! But many of us, every day, are putting things that really can be considered garbage into our stomachs. Preservatives, excess sugar, and who knows what else! It’s so hard these days to eat clean because of all of the added stuff companies put into their foods. I’m going to start slow, but one of my goals is to keep as much sugar out of my diet as possible and stay away from nasty processed foods. That girls stomach is awesome! Very admirable.

A good way to keep on track to reach my goal is planning meals. Luckily, I stumbled upon this site today, Big Red Kitchen. The post in particular that I loved was about her Mason Jar Meals. She has a prep day to get everything cooked and ready for four days worth of meals. That’s a lot of work! But it really does seem worth it. To be able to open the fridge in the morning as I’m on my way out the door for work and grab one of these mason jars and be good to go, I can’t even imagine! No running around, going back and forth between the fridge and the pantry (which is literally what I do every morning) trying to figure out what to take. My only problem right now is that I’m not home a lot as of late because Matt isn’t working much (he’s in between landscaping and snow plowing) so I spend all of my time after work over at his house. Not a complaint, but I surely can’t wait until we have a house of our own so I can get everything done that I need to.


2 thoughts on “No Garbage!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the mason jar meals–so cool. And awesome job on saying no! Peer pressure and watching everyone eat delicious (but bad!) food is seriously hard. You should be proud of yourself for not giving in! 🙂

  2. Isn’t that an awesome idea??!
    And it was really hard, oh man it looked so good haha. Plus there were extra fries and they offered them to me – but I still said no! Not to mention the room smelled like fried chicken the rest of the day ha!

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