Portion Control

Todays lunch plan: Another peanut butter and banana sandwich. They’ve been really good lately and fill me up without having a lot of calories. Todays problem? I forgot the peanut butter. So, instead, I’m having honey and banana. Definitely not as satisfying, but it’ll have to do. I hate when I do stupid things like that! Anyway…

I did pretty well over the weekend with clean eating, which usually that’s when I fall of the wagon because we constantly go out to eat. My main focus was watching portion sizes because, honestly, that’s probably where my biggest issue was. Matt and I did go out to breakfast yesterday morning, but instead of ordering the country fried steak with sausage gravy, hashbrowns, 2 eggs, and sausage (yum!), I only had 2 eggs, wheat toast, a small slice of ham and homefries. I only ate half of the potatoes and ham though because I knew the portion sizes were a little ridiculous. It’s so hard to think about how much you should be eating when there’s a plate full of delicious food in front of you. To help, though, I kept in mind a product I saw on Pinterest:

Such a simple concept, but really useful when trying to control portion sizes. A place for fruit, veggies, starch, and protein. At least that’s what I would use each space for, and what it looks like in this picture. Matt’s mom had made kielbasa and sauerkraut for dinner last night, which normally, I would have filled up a big bowl and finished every last bite, but instead I had just a single, small serving.

Okay, I have to admit – I did have one “bad” thing because Matt was in the mood for Dairy Queen over the weekend. All I had, though, was a small cup of the vanilla soft serve. It’s not completely horrible, I definitely could have ordered worse. Matt has been pretty supportive this past week with my new eating habits, asking questions and everything! He said, “I would do this with you, but…uh, nope!” I really don’t blame him. It’s not easy. Plus, he’s a guy, he can basically put anything in his mouth and he won’t gain a pound – lucky him!

Obviously I couldn’t have done that bad this weekend, I weighed myself this morning when I came in to work and I’m down another pound. That’s 3 pounds in just one week. It makes all of this work so much better when I see results this quick. A couple more pounds and then my main focus will be on gaining muscle!


2 thoughts on “Portion Control

  1. I’m not sure, I found it on Pinterest, but didn’t look at the site the picture came from 😦 Maybe doing an image search on google will bring up where to buy 🙂

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