Clean Slate.

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend! I took the weekend off from healthy eating (for obvious reasons) and today I woke up feeling like garbage. It really shows the effect that junk foods have on your body. So here we are again, starting out fresh, and what better time than now? The new year is ahead of us, a clean slate. I really, truly feel like this is it this time, getting my ass in to shape and no looking back!

For Christmas, I got new workout clothes, new weights, and the Magic Bullet blender (among other awesome things, like my iPhone dock/speaker thing from Matt). Now I can do my workouts without having to do a ton of reps of one exercise because my weights aren’t heavy enough HA! I asked for the Magic Bullet so I can make yummy pre- and post workout smoothies. The blender I was using before I got this was my parents and I’m pretty sure it’s the one they got as a wedding gift thirty-some years ago! It worked okay, but definitely wasn’t the best.

I’ve spent the morning here at work looking for good healthy dinner recipes that I can make for Matt and me. I’ve found a few good ones so far, but would like to find a few more. So far, I have:

Veggie Pizza

Baked Chicken Parmesan

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Cajun Shrimp over Fettucini

The shrimp recipe is something completely new for me to try, I’ve never made any kind of shrimp before. The only reason I decided to try it is because I found a recipe for Cheddar Bay Biscuits (like Red Lobsters!) and can’t not try to make those. They’re mostly for Matt, but I’ll probably try one to see if they compare. They definitely aren’t the healthiest thing in the world.

A clean slate, junk food in the past, loads of motivation, and an internet full of tips and tools to reach all of our goals, I’d say we’re ready to start the new year out right. Are you with me??


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