Dressed to Kill

With the holdays behind us, I now can focus all of my attention on wedding planning! If you haven’t looked yet, I updated my wedding page with tasks that Martha Stewart is telling me to do for this and next month. I’m becoming overwhelmed (again) with everything that needs to be done. Today, I finalized (well, it will be after I get Matt’s approval) our Save the Date cards. They don’t need to be sent out until March, but the more I have finished early, the better.

I feel like I’m becoming repetitive with my healthy eating/working out posts, so I’m switching it up a little today. I want to share with you the outfit I have planned for New Years Eve this weekend; I threw it together using Paint, so don’t mind the minor imperfections.

Top, Skirt, and Jewelry from Forever 21, Boots from Journey’s

The skirt I’ve had for a while and planned on saving it for this weekend and the boots I just got as a gift from Matt for Christmas – thigh high stiletto’s! Tonight, Allie, Jenn, Jamie and I are going shopping so I’ll be able to pick up the top and jewelry I need. I probably won’t be able to find exact matches, but hopefully I can get close. We’re only going to Slims (the small bar in the town where we live), but we always like to dress to kill no matter where we go.


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