Last night, Matt and I went to Walmart out of boredom (not an uncommon evening for us), wandered around multiple clearnace aisles, and eventually found ourselves trying to find something to make for dinner. Our typical go to is pasta related dishes, mostly because it’s the easiest to make, but we just weren’t in the mood for it this time. After throwing out several suggestions, we headed down the pasta aisle about to give up and go with the usual. I noticed the pizza crusts hanging close by, which sparked the idea of homemade pizza, and Matt agreed to it.

{Matt’s mini-pizza}

We were both shocked at how good these mini pizzas tasted! I definitely will make these for dinner again. We used Classico pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, green pepper, and turkey pepperoni – and they only take 10 minutes in the oven! I do wish they would have had the wheat crusts, but they only had it in the large size. Best part about pizza is that you can put anything you want on it so you won’t get bored having the same thing every time! By the way, Matt’s had extra sauce and extra cheese, mine was light on both, don’t worry 🙂

After dinner, I worked out (I know, bad time to do so, but I had no other choice) while Matt played a game on his PS3. I did Monday’s workout again and it felt pretty good! I’m looking forward to getting better and stronger with each workout and can’t wait until I start seeing results!


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