Last night, I did the same leg workout as a few days ago, but with lighter weights (because I left the other ones at Matt’s) and I’m nowhere near as sore as the last time. Still a little sore, though! When I first started working out more, probably 6 months ago, I took progress pictures to see if my efforts were paying off. I’d take pictures once a week or so and never really saw any change because I wasn’t doing much. After my workout yesterday I decided to take a couple progress pictures and compare them to the first ones I ever took and although there is only a slight change, I could still see it! It was a good feeling, and very encouraging! I don’t really notice a difference in person, so pictures really help.

Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere inspired me to look up some Honeymoon information today. Our plan has always been to go to Jamaica, it’s just a matter of figuring out which part. If we go through Sandals, they allow you to go to any of their resorts on the island, no matter which one you are staying at. So if we stay at their Negril resort and want to check out a restaurant in their Montego Bay resort there won’t be any issues. As with any beautiful vacation it will cost us a good chunk of money, but I think it will be totally worth it!

{Negril, Jamaica}

The clear blue water is so amazing! I’ve never been to a beach with white sand and clear water before, so I’m beyond excited! It’s gorgeous here! The only activity we’ve talked about doing while there is going to the Bob Marley House/Museum; we’re big fans so it should be pretty interesting to see what they have there! 🙂


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