Fitness Reward

I really try not to have any cheat days, but sometimes it’s hard. Last night, for instance, Matt took me to Olive Garden for an early birthday dinner so it was a little hard to stay on track. My birthday isn’t until Friday, but we’re supposed to get snow both Thursday and on my birthday, and since Matt salts and plows snow, he isn’t sure if he’ll have to work or not. It was nice of him to think ahead like that 🙂

I really am doing pretty well with eating right and working out, other than last night. I had an idea today that will help me more though. Every year I buy a new swimsuit for summer, usually from Target because they are very affordable and cute. This year, however, if I reach my fitness goals I’m going to let myself buy a suit from the new Victoria’s Secret line. They are Brazil inspired so, obviously, they are super hot! If I am not satisfied with where I am in a fitness sense, then I will have to wear last years swimsuit, or find a cheap one at Target again. I’m a total girl, so this is a really good plan for me!


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