Spray Tan

Last night, Allie, Jenn, and I went to TNT Tanning so I could use my gift card while they did their usual 20-minute tanning sessions. They have a deal going on right now – 3 spray tans for $30! Pretty awesome if you ask me.

The girl that works there quickly went through the instructions, then I was by myself to get things going. I was afraid that I had missed something while she was explaining – I just wanted it to come out good. I put the lovely and attractive shower cap on and stepped inside the booth. There are pictures on the wall to help you remember what to do, but I was still nervous. There is a voice that tells you what to do as well, so you’d think it’d be easy – unless you’re me. There are 4 postitions you stand in while the sprayer moves. It starts at the top and slowly lowers until it gets to your feet, then it stops. The voice said something at this point, but I wasn’t sure what, so I stayed in Position 1 thinking maybe the sprayer goes back up, then you switch. NOPE! Next thing I hear – Position 3! The sprayer had gone back up, and was only going to go down one more time before it was all over. At this point I’m realizing how big of an idiot I really am. The consuquences aren’t that noticible unless you really look (or I point them out).

Although I made that dumb mistake, I was surprised to see that the tan came out really well! Of course I was skeptical at first, there is a lot of negative buzz about spray tans, but I can tell you that I will definitely continue getting them! I highly recommend!


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