The Beauty of Tattoos

I’m continuing to eat healthy and have tried to stay active. I haven’t had an actual workout in a few days, but have made sure I keep a quick pace while walking and I don’t take the shuttle bus that takes people from their cars at my work to the office building (even though it’s really cold in the morning). I never really understood why people take it anyway, it’s probably less than a quarter mile walk. Oh well, not my business.

Matt and I went to the Cavs game again last night thanks to our friend Steph who gave us free tickets! We sat much closer this time than we did last Friday, it was almost a completely different experience. I’m not in to basketball so much, although I do love the Cavs, but I love going because it’s just something different that Matt and I can do together and both enjoy 🙂

I almost forgot, I want to share this blog post a friend of mine sent me. I’m really in to babies and birth stories (even though I don’t have kids yet) and of course I’m in to tattoos. I always talk babies with this friend so I was really excited when she sent me this. It’s about moms and dads with tattoos during pregnancy and when the babies are born. One picture in particular really stood out, it’s lovely.

The tattoos on the hands are fresh and say, “God Bless My Son, Zyler.” Whenever I see pictures of fathers with tattoos and their babies you can tell they are so supportive of everything the mothers are going through and you can see how much love they have for each other. The woman from this blog said, “there is just something sexy about a man who is tatted up and supporting his woman in labor.” Isn’t that the truth!?


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