Dress shopping!

Tonight, Jamie and Jenn are coming with my mom and me to Coming Attractions, a bridal shop in Akron, to try to find my wedding dress. I have looked at their website numerous times now and am in love with one of the designers they carry – Dessy. I had never heard of them before, but came across a couple dress pictures on Pinterest by them. I was really interested in one design I saw and was clicking around to see where I could find it to try it on and the first place I looked was this Coming Attractions, which I had planned on going to already on a recommendation from a coworker. Luckily, they have this dress! I hope I find a dress tonight, even if it’s not the one I already fell in love with. The whole Dessy line is beautiful and every dress falls into the category of what I prefer. I would post a picture of the one I am talking about, but Matt randomly likes to read my blog sometimes, so I don’t want him to see it 🙂


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