Super Bowl Snacks

Of course we all know the Super Bowl is on Sunday, and although I’m not a fan of football (I can’t even tell you who is playing), I still like watching the game – mostly for the commercials and the snacks that seem manditory for the day.

This year, I’m planning on making a Mexican dip, which ingredients include, but are not limited to, cream cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, cheese, and taco meat. It’s an easy dish that is always a hit at parties. I’m thinking about making something else as well so Matt can take some things besides beer with him wherever he plans on going to watch the game. So far, I’ve thought of making Pigs in a Blanket (always good) or maybe these Burger-Potato Bites I found on Pinterest. All you need is a package of waffle fries, ground beef, and then everything else is optional – cheese, mustard, ketchup, seasoning for the burgers, etc. The finished product:

{Full recipe –}


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