When you’re focusing on eating healthy and exercising regularly, and are doing well with it, and you want to know if it is having any difference in your health or how you feel, you know what you should do? Order Chinese food and eat it all in about 2 minutes, barely stopping to breathe. UGH!

Last night, Matt and I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner and after bouncing around a few ideas we decided on Chinese food because it was close by and quick and easy. I always order the same thing – General Tso’s, extra spicy, with white rice. It was as delicious as always, I finished all of the chicken and the egg roll, but didn’t touch the rice at all. After I finished, I realized what just happened and instantly felt terrible. And I still feel horrible today! I feel tired and HUGE and not hungry at all. Usually I wake up and my stomach is already growling, but not today! So I’m doing damage control today – spinach, cottage cheese, grapes, and an apple. This should help cure this stupid mistake I made!


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