I have to admit, I did pretty horrible this weekend with eating healthy. I’d like to make an excuse and say it was because I went with Matt to plow/salt and that throws my eating and sleeping schedules off – but I won’t make excuses, I’ll just say I messed up and am now getting back on track.

I’ve been addicted to hot wings lately, and that craving did not subside over the weekend. I indulged in Domino’s hot wings, ice cream, Taco Bell, Subway breakfast and who knows what else. I can’t even remember everything! Today, however, I’ve got nothing but healthy food.

{red grapes, grilled chicken salad, steamed broccoli}

The broccoli does not taste as good re-heated as it did when it was originally steamed, but it’s still healthy so I’m eating it! I’ve only finished the salad so far and I’m already full. I only used half of the grilled chicken breast, but it has enough protein to keep me feeling satisfied for the afternoon.


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