I took the day off from work yesterday just for the hell of it. It was a really nice long weekend, most of which was spent shopping. I’m afraid to even look at my bank statement because I know I made a big dent in my finances. You have to treat yourself every once in a while though! And since Matt was actually in the mood to shop for once, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

Yesterday, we woke up and decided to take Ziggy (Matt’s dog) for a walk at a nature preserve right around the corner. We got a little confused on the trail because there weren’t a lot of signs, so we aren’t exactly sure the mileage we walked, but it still felt good! It got a little chilly after a while, but the sun was out and Ziggy was happy, that’s all that matters! It made me even more excited for Spring and Summer to get here so we can do things like that more often.

Sitting here this morning at work, I decided since I moved around a lot over the weekend, I would keep up with it and run the stairs here before I ate my lunch. I treated it like High Intensity Interval Training and sprinted up the 4 flights, and then only lightly jogged down them. I only did this twice though because people came out of one of the doors and I didn’t want to be bothersome. But even just two made my legs feel worked and almost sore! Either this is an effective way to workout or I’m just that out of shape still!


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