Progress = Motivation

I promise I’m going to try to start writing again more often (even if it’s only for myself), I’m still just really busy with wedding plans, finding a house, and whatever other stressful things I have myself consumed in.

I’ve been having a little trouble controlling my anxiety lately and was looking for a way to relieve some of it without becoming any less productive. I hadn’t worked out in a little while, so on top of anxiety I was also feeling sluggish and overall not well. I was in such a “blah” mood all the time and couldn’t figure out what I could do to change it. A few weeks ago, however, Jenn and I decided to go for a jog around town because we were having such unusually nice weather.

We’ve been jogging 2-3 times a week since then and I can honestly say I think I’m addicted to it! It’s an awesome way to manage your stress! Even if you don’t consider yourself a runner, it doesn’t hurt to try just once. And it helps WAY more if you have a friend that will go with you. Example: I went to Jenn’s house one day last week to meet for our evening run and she was sleeping, so instead of waking her up I decided to go by myself to see how I would do. I didn’t even run 1/3 of the distance we usually do! I had music to listen to and everything, but it just wasn’t the same. I didn’t have the same motivation as usual. So if you’re not the self-motivating type then grab a friend and help each other out! Everything is more fun with friends anyway 🙂

Since I’ve been jogging, I’ve lost even more weight and feel AWESOME! I’ve never been in the kind of shape I’m in now, not even in high school while doing cross-country or track. I’d like to post weight and measurement updates, along with progress pictures, on here, but I know sometimes people have negative things to say about things like that, and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone. So I’ll give you the option to go to my BodySpace (<–click here!) if you’re interested, but I want you to know that I’m not posting it to show off or try to get compliments. I just know that looking at other people’s progress and results has been an awesome motivator for me. I just want to do the same for anyone who wants it! 🙂

(And please no rude comments, I don’t want to hear ’em 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Progress = Motivation

  1. I know I’m a little late to the party but this post really motivated me to start running again! I’ve been wanting to start again for a while (because I’m out of shape and have also been feeling kind of “blah”) but have been intimidated because I know I wouldn’t last even two miles and because I am surrounded by hills (seriously, it is out of control). Your post reminded me that even doing a small jog a couple times a week is totally manageable and will be superb for my body and soul. Way to be an inspiration 🙂

    • Well I’m really glad I could help!! I just try to remember that no matter what I’m doing, any little bit is better than nothing at all. And I don’t feel bad if I don’t run as much one day as I did the day before because I’m still trying! 🙂

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