Crunch Time!

Summer is almost here which means I’m running out of time to get in to bikini ready shape! I’ve been running still, but I haven’t been doing as much as I should with weights or working on my abs and with just 166 days until the wedding (can you believe it??) I’m feeling even more pressure to get into killer shape. I’ve been doing really well with pushing myself to run harder and longer, but that alone will not get me the abs I want.

Sticking to eating well has been pretty easy; I’ve always heard that if you stay away from junk for a while, you just won’t crave it anymore – and I’m starting to believe that. I haven’t had much of anything sweet, besides drinks on the weekend with friends. I know that alone can kill any work I’ve done, but I hope eating right the rest of the week makes up for it.

I’ve updated the Wedding Page for May and June – I already finished almost half of the tasks so I didn’t even list them! After sending Save the Dates and getting the invitation design finished (thanks to my sister!!) I feel a lot less stressed about getting things done. I know Summer is going to FLY by because I’m going to be so busy, but I don’t mind because I’m ready for the wedding to be here! 🙂


How about you guys – have you been keeping up with working out and eating right? Leave me a comment! 🙂



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