After my short run last night, I felt like I needed a little more to help get my butt in shape, so I turned to Pinterest. The workout I found doesn’t seem like much, but I can tell you today that it definitely works! My abs are sore and I feel more motivated to keep working hard towards my goal! So what did I do?



If you use Pinterest I’m sure you’ve seen this pinned and repinned about 100 times. I “liked” this a couple weeks ago thinking it would be an “easy day” workout, but when you pair it with running it really does take a lot out of you!  I think when I do this again tonight I’m going to add weights to the lunges and squats to push myself a little harder; be prepared for complaints of soreness tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Run+Workout

  1. This looks amazing! I will seriously try it tomorrow at the gym. I have been trying so hard to lose any extra weight that I’ve gained during the year. So on top of regular exercises, I’ve incorporated this fitness bar called,
    Fitryo Total Bar into my usual routine and it is sooooo perfect for toning and strength training! Can’t wait to use your workout with the bar at the same time. Thank you!!!!

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  3. Instead do them on an exercise ball. By performing ab crunches on an physical exercise ball you will give your ab muscles a difficult work out. Should you are not used to performing these then you can expect to be sore the following day. Not only do they target your abs directly but you get rid of the strain on your back and neck.

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