Second Opinion

After running alone for the past week or so, I finally got Jenn back with me yesterday for our usual evening outing. Her, Allie, and their friend Ben had been in Rhode Island for X Factor auditions and although I am extremely proud that they had the opportunity to do something like that, I’ve got to admit I’m happy to have them back! I highly recommend taking a minute to check out their YouTube page and subscribe to it if you like what you hear (which I know you will!) Click here!

Anyway, after our run I told Jenn about the workout I posted here yesterday and she decided to try it out with me. She also thought it seemed like it would be easy, but changed her mind once we got started! I think she was surprised at how much work the jumping jacks were; they really do take a lot out of you, especially after running a couple miles. So if you’re not interested in going to a gym then TRY. THIS. WORKOUT!

On a different note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to drink more water. The office I work in is always FREEZING cold so drinking water is usually the last thing on my mind (which this also doesn’t help my coffee habit either). Is there a trick to getting enough water or do you not think about it either? Leave me a comment if you’ve got some advice!


3 thoughts on “Second Opinion

  1. Get a camelbak water bottle with the built in straw thing. It costs like $20 but I seriously have mine with me all day err’day. It’s leak-proof, so I can throw it in my purse, too. I suck those things down in no time, where with a glass of water I sip rather slowly. Brando was concerned about my water intake, and this has improved it so much! I can totally feel a difference now that I’m not dehydrated all the time!

    • Okay I think I need one of those! I used to have a water bottle that I had with my all the time, but then I left it in the hot car once and it just about exploded. Oops. Good lookin’ out.

  2. Hi! I have always loved working out and and even more into it since I have birth to my daughter 15 months ago. I have been doing Turbo Fire for the past 16 weeks. I love it and have seen real changes in my body. I have also started eating clean and starting my day of with green smoothies. Today my turbofire workout consists of a 20 min ab workout and 40 min stretch. Since I want a bit more of a challenge I will be trying the workout you posted! In terms of drinking more water. I calculate the amount I need in water bottles or in my Nalgene bottle. I try to start my day drinking 2 water bottles and then a few hours later drink 2 more and then in the afternoon 2 more. That way I get my 6 bottles of water or 3 Nalgene bottles a day. I also only drink water and green tea so it helps!! Good luck on your continued journey!

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