Weekend Outfits

I didn’t run at all this weekend, but I definitely got some good workouts in! Besides watching Matt do yardwork all weekend long, I was busy carrying around his (almost) one year old niece, giving our dog Ziggy a bath, and just being outside in the beautiful sun all day long!

{Ziggy <3}

Being from Northeast Ohio makes the appreciation of Summer even sweeter than living anywhere else I think. We put up with a lot of strange weather throughout the year, so there is nothing better than the warm sunshine and long periods of 80+ degree temperatures. My favorite part about all of this is the cute outfits I get to put together and try out. This weekend was one of the first nice weekends this year; no rain, barely a cloud in the sky. Here are Friday and Saturdays outfits that I got a lot of compliments on!

Friday (left), although we didn’t do much of anything besides go to Matt’s brothers house, I wore a neon pink top (which I love most when I have a nice tan) with teal shorts and nude strappy heels. The necklace I wore is very girly and neutral, a perfect pair for such bright colors. I also had on a skinny leopard print belt which was a nice break between the top and shorts.

Saturday’s outfit was the kind that made it easy to transition from day to night. We weren’t particularly busy, more yardwork for Matt, but he was sweet and took me to dinner since I didn’t really get a chance to do anything fun during the day. The cotton leopard print skirt paired with black canvas slip on shoes was a good choice for hanging out during the day and then adding a chunky black beaded bracelet made it acceptable for going out to eat later in the evening.


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