Jenn and I have been doing really well keeping up with running. We’ve gone every day this week so far, and get better each time. We’ve gone longer and ran faster and both feel really proud of ourselves! After finishing our usual route last night, Allie’s mom told us about a 5k coming up that she thought we’d be interested in.

Every year, our small town has what they call “Summerfest,” basically your average fair – games, rides, and music for just one weekend. This year will be the second time they’ve hosted a 5k run/walk to benefit “Friends of Melana,” an organization formed to help fund the fight against children’s glioma cancer. It’s a great cause and I think it will be a lot of fun! I haven’t ran a 5k since high school and have to admit I’m kind of anxious to see how I do.

The weekend before this, I’ll be doing The Color Run  which will act as practice for the Summerfest run. If you don’t know what The Color Run is you should definitely check it out! It’s also a 5k, but this one is a little less serious. You start the race wearing a plain white t-shirt and as you run people on the sidelines throw different colored powder at you! So when you finally reach the finish, you look like this:


Looks like a lot of fun! I’m really excited for both of these events, it even makes me think about training for something longer! Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to do a half marathon…


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