Blossom Fest

Yesterday evening, the girls and I wanted to hang out, but wanted something different to do besides the usual sitting around the house or going tanning. Jenn made the suggestion that we go to Blossom Fest in Chagrin Falls, a fair kind of like our Summerfest. It’s really nice out there, kind of like a larger scale version of Garrettsville. But like Jenn said, instead of seeing tracors and Amish buggies everywhere, you see nice, expensive, fancy cars.

We didn’t run yesterday, but we got a good workout in by walking around, plus there are a bunch of steps you have to walk if you want to get near the waterfall. We enjoyed ice cream cones from The Popcorn Shop, took a million and a half pictures, and my favorite part of the evening, palm readings. I’ve always been interested in astrology, but having my palm read made me love it even more. I know a lot of people don’t believe in it, but my reading was very accurate! So was Jenn’s and her friend Hilary’s, but Allie was a little less than satisfied with hers.

{Allie, me, Jenn, Hilary}

The weather was gorgeous last night and made for a perfect night to walk around the fair. I hope we get more chances to get together like this and do new and fun things! It’s nice to have a break from our busy schedules and make time for the people you really care about 🙂




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