Long Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was both fun and relaxing which I think makes for a perfect long weekend. Friday, Jenn and I were supposed to go for our usual run, but I had to cancel last minute because Matt needed to use my Jeep to pick up some plants. We took a ride out to a garden center to pick out bushes for a bed he put in for his mom for Mother’s Day/her birthday. It’s convenient having a Jeep that can fit a lot in the back!

{Love my Jeep!}

 On Saturday, we woke up early so Matt could finish the bed and I watched him while dying my hair. Well, really I just took the color out, but it was more of a process than dying is! Before, my hair was white blonde on top, faded black/dark brown underneath, but I’ve decided I want all blonde again. I used color corrector to remove the ugly dark color and then used a bleach blonde box dye kit to lighten it more. It still has a little way to go, but this was definitely the healthier way to go instead of bleaching it a bunch of times!

Once we were both finished with what we were doing, we decided to give Ziggy another bath because we loved how clean he stayed from the previous one we gave him. Ziggy is an outside dog who’s constantly rolling around in the dirt playing with other dogs and sleeping on hay. We’ve given him baths before, of course, but he always got dirty again pretty quickly. I’m not sure what we did differently these times, but he actually feels CLEAN! He’s so soft and we can pet him without smelling like dirty dog after!

{My handsome Ziggy}

Monday, we woke up early to go to the Memorial Day parade and then got together with my mom’s side of the family at my parents house. We had 90-degree weather, which I admit was pretty hot, but I definitely prefer it over any other kind of weather. We played cornhole in the backyard and hid in the garage in between games to avoid the sun. That evening, I went to the Drake concert with my friend Amber, while Matt stayed back at my parents house and continued to beat them in more games of cornhole and scrabble (which he was pretty proud of himself for!). The concert was at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, an outdoor venue. I love seeing concerts there, it’s perfect for Summer! We were scared it was going to rain, but luckily we didn’t have one drop while we were there! I wasn’t a huge Drake fan before, but now after the concert I think I like him a little more, he puts on a really good show! There were a ton of people there, but they all seemed to stick in a huge group in the center of the lawn, so Amber and I stayed on the left side and could see everything perfect – plus we could sit whenever we wanted without being scared we’d get trampled!

{Drake at Blossom}

I didn’t get home until about 1:30 last night, so being at work today is pretty exhausting! I’ve been moving around so slowly, I’m about to have my third cup of coffee to see if it helps at all. Sleepiness aside, I’m really happy I went last night, I mean, you only live once right? 😉


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