When I started running again, I was already on a healthy diet and was doing some weight training here and there. Lately, I’ve been sticking to the exercises I posted here and have felt just as good, if not better! I didn’t add weights yet like I said I wanted to, but I plan to after my run tonight, hopefully I’m not too sore tomorrow!

I haven’t run for about a week now so I can’t wait to go tonight after work. I always have a hard time getting back into things after holidays or long weekends, probably because I over do it with food and excessive laziness. Since I started running, I’ve slacked a bit with healthy eating because my metabolism is so much better and I can get away with things more. I know I should still be eating healthy to see even better results, and I do for the most part, but if I want to go out to eat or have ice cream, I don’t feel as guilty anymore. I will say I did feel a little bit of guilt over the weekend when Matt and I went out to dinner to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was our first time there so we didn’t know what to expect. Here’s our appetizer to give you an idea of the damage we did (keep in mind most of it was taken home for leftovers).

The waitress brought this to us after we already had bread, then after the fries she brought us salad, and then finally after all of that food (and being just about ready to burst) we got our actual dinner. Portion sizes are ridiculous at restaurants these days and when the food is delicious it’s really hard to say no! I guess I’ve got to go back to this post and try to get better at it again! Okay, so I made a mistake, but I’ll run extra hard today and add those weights in and we’ll be good to go!


4 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. I’ve been the same way with my eating habits because of jogging! Good luck on your jog tonight. Jer and I did a jog yesterday that was humbling…it was such a challenge! Hope work’s okay too with the lack of sleep!

    • Oh man, I’m exhausted still! I even went to bed at 930 last night! Totally worth it though, the concert was fun 🙂
      And I hate those humbling jogs! I had one of those a couple weeks ago. We’ve got to get ready for the color run! 🙂

      • I had fun too! Definitely a good memory!! 🙂 I don’t know if you saw it, but I posted on your wall about Nicki Minaj? It’s at Playhouse Square! And yes, we DO have to get ready for The Color Run! I think it’s gonna be me, you, and my bro carpooling!! The three of us should get together sometime soon and start practicing together!

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