Saving Money

I’ve never been very good at saving my money. Before I get paid, I think, “okay, I’m going to save money from this check!” But once I actually have that money in my account, it’s like I forget my whole plan. I start thinking about makeup or hair dye or clothes or shoes or anything else! Looking for a house, though, has made me realize I really do need to have a plan for my money. Once we finally do find a home for us, things are going to get pretty tight in the finance department. I will have a mortgage to pay, plus all of the other things that go along with buying a house, all on top of the bills I already pay! It’s a really stressful thing to think about, especially because I know how I am when it comes to saving.

I wasn’t thinking about money when I rediscovered something I “liked” on Pinterest a long time ago, but until today had forgotten about. A blog post from The Peaceful Mom got me very motivated to save money. She has a series called “Living on Less than $28,000 A Year” where she shows how her and her husband and their four kids get by with what’s considered by the government to be ‘below the poverty line’! She lays out her whole financial plan and how she keeps things managed. If a whole family can live happily with so little income, then I can definitely learn to save a little when it’s just Matt and I! Luckily, Matt is really good at saving money, so I don’t have to worry about getting him on board for this!


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