Yesterday after work I was going to attempt to run from my house to Matt’s house, about 3.5 miles, but the sky started to get a little cloudy so I decided I’d wait and try another day. Well, it never ended up raining so I ran the same mile I did the other day and timed it again. I assumed I would be a little slower since I hadn’t run in a few days, but I actually ran it 13 seconds faster than the last time! I was pretty pleased with myself and now I can’t wait to try it again to see if I can cut even more time off!

After my run, Matt and I were sitting around bored so he suggested we go fishing. I’m not big on outdoor things, unless it involves the beach, but I agreed to it because it’s something different we don’t usually do and it would be a nice setting for some more alone time. We used sticks and fishing lines/hooks and pieces of bread as bate. I think Matt caught four or five fish and, of course, I caught zero. I’m not good at things like that, but I still had fun because Matt was having fun and I love seeing him happy! (Pardon the cheesiness!)



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