Hot & Sunny Days

This past weekend was full of my favorite kind of weather: bright, hot sunshine and clear skies! I spent the majority of the weekend outside trying to soak up as much sun as possible (and I have a little bit of a sunburn to prove it).

Friday night (after the sun went down, of course), Matt and his brother and I went to the bar in town for some food and they played a couple games of pool. It’s a completely different atmosphere when you don’t have any of your friends around, so I sat in the corner by myself watching the guys play while sipping a couple Creamsicle drinks. We left early, around 11:30, and went home and almost instantly to bed.

Saturday, Matt had to work at eight, so I set my alarm for about an hour after he left so I could sleep a little bit longer. The next thing I hear is him walking in the door saying “are you serious?” Completely confused and out of it, I woke up really fast and asked what time it was – ONE O’CLOCK! I have not slept that late in forever! I was a little disappointed actually because there were things I wanted to do while he was at work, but so much for that! I couldn’t believe it, he even tried texting me earlier that morning and I never heard it! I must have been really tired! It’s probably a good thing I slept that late though because that night our friends had a little camping get together. Althought we didn’t stay all night, we still had a really good time catching up with old friends, eating yummy cookout food, enjoying a s’more (or two…), and playing cornhole.

Yesterday, Matt had some yard work to do, so I decided to put on my swimsuit and grab a magazine and lay in the sun. I don’t usually lay out because I have such fair skin I burn to a crisp almost instantly, but the sun felt so nice and hot that I couldn’t resist. After about twenty minutes I had had enough and decided to give Ziggy (our dog) a bath. Without Matt’s help, I was afraid he would try to run away from me, but he was so good the whole time! It probably helped cool him off a lot, I know it helped me! Once Matt was finished we took a walk to the creek again, this time taking his four-year-old nephew, Clint. He’s a little chatterbox, curious about every little thing, so it’s fun taking him on new adventures. The water was the perfect temperature and felt nice after being in the sun all afternoon. I think going to the creek is definitely our new summer weekend hangout!


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