A quick update

Now that I actually have something fun and exciting to write about, of course I haven’t written a single thing! I am currently 15 weeks 3 days pregnant with our first baby 🙂 Our little one is due November 24!
I’ve had a pretty easy time so far, just a little nausea here and there, only getting physically sick once, thankfully! I really cannot complain at all. I’m finally starting to get some energy back, most of the whole first trimester was spent on the couch.
We still have about a month until we find out what we’re having, but I’ve gotten pretty good at being patient because that’s what this whole thing is about! Waiting and more waiting.
We’re incredibly happy and excited and are looking forward to the next 5 months and beyond!


Goodbye, 2012!

2012 has certainly been one of my favorite years so far. I think I might say that at the end of every year, but I really mean it this time!  I married my best friend and we bought our first home, what could be better? I always love looking back through pictures to remind me of what an awesome year I had and so I can try to top it in the next. Here are a few of my favorite memories from 2012:



{A walk in the woods with Matt & Ziggy}


{A night out in Cleveland}


{A sleepover with the girls}


{Summerfest with my best friends}


{Fourth of July with good friends on the GoodTime 3}


{Bachelorette party with my closest friends}


{Our Wedding, of course}


{The first big snow in our new house}


{Our First Christmas}

I hope everyone has an amazing and safe New Years, I’ll see you in 2013! 🙂

Christmas Decor

I’ve always enjoyed searching online for decorating ideas, even before I had a house of my own to decorate. After we’d look at a house that was for sale, I would instantly start planning how each room would be painted, what furniture would go where, and so on, even if we hadn’t even placed a bid yet. So now that we do have a house, I get to put everything into motion and decorate how I like.

Although we got the keys five days before Halloween (not to mention one day before our wedding), I did not put up any Halloween decorations. I think that was the last thing on my mind at that point. I passed over Thanksgiving too and went straight for Christmas. Not including our tree, I spent about $30 on decorations at the dollar store and got everything I needed!





New Life, New Beginnings

Since we are only a few short weeks away from 2013, I’ve decided now is as good a time as ever to get this going again. I’m not going to consider it a New Years resolution because once you give something that title I think you automatically set yourself up for failure. How many people actually reach their New Years goal? I know I never have, so that’s why I’ll just call this my New Life, New Beginnings adventure.

Okay, so I guess it’s technically not a “new life,” but a lot of things have changed since I last posted. Matt and I are finally married, we have a great new house in a different town than where we both grew up, and we’re discovering what it’s like to have to adjust to each others way of doing things. It’s been pretty easy up to this point since we practically lived together before we were married, but there are little things you learn about each other each day. It’s been an exciting couple of months and I can’t wait to see what 2013 (and beyond) brings us!

For now, this blog will be under construction, most of which you probably won’t notice, but I want to recreate it to fit into my new life. You’ll be able to find recipes, things I learn about marriage, house remodeling and decorating, plus the usual workouts, fashion, and tattoo’s I’ve always posted about. I can’t wait to get started now that I have new topics to write about!

Time with Friends

I love when I get to spend time with my friends, even if it’s only for a couple hours. We all have different work schedules, so getting together is sometimes difficult, but we always make the most of the time we do have together. Today, Allie and I finally found a spare minute in our busy lives to hang out, and even when we don’t actually go out and do something, sitting on her front porch talking always makes for a fun time. We always try to take new pictures together, mostly because we’re girls and that’s just what we do, but also because it’s fun to see how we grow and change after all the years we’ve been friends. We took a little “adventure” into her backyard where there is a creek, it really is like you’re in a different world back there. Somewhere different and beautiful, but conveniently close to home.



Now that I have Ziggy’s new leash, I can pretty much take him anywhere with no problems. He was just too hyper before so it was extremely hard to walk him anywhere without him wanting to run off. But now, I like taking him for walks a few days a week on the back roads near Matt’s house, and he sniffs everything along the way because he’s so curious, but in a calm way. I love seeing him happy and I can’t wait until we move into the new house so he can have his own yard to play in!

 {Just me and Zig on the trail}

{Taking a break from watching other dogs play}

Finding Inspiration

Once again, I ran out of inspiration on what to write about. I’d like to continue to write regularly, but I’ve found that to be extremely hard at times. To get back into the swing of things, here is an update on the most important things:

  • Matt and I finally bought a house! We won’t be able to move in for about another month or so, but we’ll be in before the wedding which is all I’m worried about!
  • Only 68 days left until the big day! We still have a lot to do to prepare, but I’m ready for it to be here. I’m sure time will go by quickly.
  • I’ve been trying out different ways of working out besides just running, including helping Matt mow grass and walking (or jogging) with Ziggy with a new ‘no-pull’ leash.

We walked around the zoo yesterday and I can honestly tell you I am a little bit sore today! We also went out in Cleveland on Friday and I wore heels so that could have something to do with it too. I haven’t worn heels in a while so my legs weren’t used to them!

Whatever I have to do to find inspiration in my every day life, I’ll do it. Why not make something interesting happen instead of sitting around waiting for it to come to you?